Campus Adidas

Herzogenaurach, Germany


Office building at Adidas Campus
Invited competition
Special Mention
Client Adidas
Size 46.000 m² / 50 M€
Engineers Bollinger & Grohmann
Tanssolaar / BMF
Labels ENEV 2014-15%.

The debate about reconversion of industrial sites in Europe is associated with the emergence and promotion of a new sustainable architecture. The creation of new ways of working presents a unique opportunity to upgrade a site and initiate local autonomy. The competition aims to develop, far from the big cities, a very innovative office building that attracts the most creative minds on the Adidas Campus in Herzogenaurauch. The project is composed of different “clusters”, accessible and independent. The ramp connects the whole and invites to ambulation, observation and physical exercise. The large sports atrium federates the program around a multi-purpose interaction space.

The competition team was led by Mario Russo with Bogdan Chipara and Martin Kus.