London, UK


Museum in an old electric power station
International competition
1st prize
Client ArchTriumph
Size 38,700 m².

Our project aims to regenerate a legendary building, the Battersea Power Station in London, and its future transformation into a place dedicated to architecture. The gigantic brick building on the Thames evokes the size and place of man in the modern era and raises the question of our relationship with technology. The idea here is to make art and culture as popular as possible. The project shows the Power Station, its scale, its exceptional location and its main material, brick. By installing a small train that crisscrosses the site, we create a continuous and exceptional journey that invites the visitor to a new experience of discovering the interiors and exteriors of the building. It’s about giving the visitor a way to move effortlessly through a large space that was not originally designed for him. The experience, made tangible by the construction of the rail, becomes an element of architecture and happiness. Our project encourages entertainment and play, that are areas little considered in the traditional world of art.

The competition was conducted by Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira.