Flower Pavilion

Berlin, Germany


Temporary Structure
Competition and prototype realization
Client IGA Berlin GmbH
Technical details Ramon Sastre
Construction TP Architectura I Construccio Textil

The exhibition IGA Berlin showcases the garden and explores its different forms. This is an opportunity to illustrate the role of landscape in the contemporary city, to propose an environmental approach that focuses on the economy of materials. The idea is to give the pavilions a symbolic form, the flower. The modular element makes it possible to orient oneself in the exhibition while serving multiple functions, as spaces of meeting, conferences, restoration. The system of assembly of the pavilions is modular, the use can thus take various forms according to the number of the modules. The inflatable adapts particularly well to the constraints of temporary use: easily transportable, quick to assemble and reusable. A pavilion is composed of 6 petals, 6 modules, poetically recomposing a flower, symbol of the exhibition. The programs operate independently or combined, they can be scattered throughout the park hosting the exhibition IGA Berlin. They make it possible to stage the landscape and appear as architectural surprises punctuating the visitors’ paths.

The competition was conducted by Bogdan Chipara, Gaëlle Martin and Roland Oberhofer.