Peace Pavilion

London, UK

2012 – 2013

Temporary structure
Complete Mission
Client ArchTriumph
Technical studies Ramon Sastre 
Construction TP Architectura I Construccio Textil

Peace is one of the highest human ideals; the absence of war is an essential condition to rise and reach harmony, happiness, peace, serenity, conciliation, tranquility … To welcome and encourage these ideals, we have designed a perfect form, a symmetrical sculpture, obtained by a relatively simple geometric construction. The beauty of the form is based on its perfect symmetry, clarity and coherence. The volume is engaging, captivating, seductive. It has the aesthetic power of capturing attention and communicating the feeling of peace, tranquility and balance, in the middle of the Museum Gardens in London. The captivating geometry of the inflatable structure blurs the notions of interior and exterior, it delicately invites the visitor to become aware of the continuity of its smooth skin, in the space that surrounds it. The inflatable structure is freestanding, it measures 5m in height and has a wingspan of about 10m. The developed surface of the PVC membrane is about 149m², the volume of air content of 47m3. To achieve a seemingly complex volumetry, we use parametric design tools. The study and the realization of the tensioned membranes and the surfaces with double curvature are made today possible by the existence of programs CNC (Computer Numerical Control) which have as terminals, tables of laser cutting.

The competition was run by Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira.