Rheinfelden, Switzerland


Footbridge on the Rhine,
between Switzerland and Germany
Invited competition, 2nd prize
Client the City of Rheinfelden
Length 200m
Engineer Leonhardt Andrä und Partner
Label BREAM.

The new bridge aims to restore the lost link between the German and Swiss banks of the city of Rheinfelden, on the Rhine. Our proposal is an infrastructure, a slender work whose organic lines echo the surrounding reliefs and ripples of the river. Simple and without superfluous details, the streamlined silhouette of the bridge seems to fly over the river. She first crossed it in one gulp, then she rounded against the slope, returned to touch the apron and bounced more than sixteen meters high to slowly find her starting point. Harmonious and balanced, it establishes a simple and elegant relationship with the pedestrian or the cyclist. The project focuses on the quality of the details and the harmony of the whole.

The competition team was led by Alberto Gatti with Bogdan Chipara and Roland Oberhofer.