2003 – 2005

Complete Mission
Clients ComCo du Pays de Ried Brun / SEMHA
Size 250 m² / 0.22 M€ht
Engineers SBE
Labels Démarche HQE / THPE

The Muntzenheim Treasury is a small building that has challenged us to deal with two issues. First, the security of the building and then, the questions related to its construction cost. To meet both and stay consistent, we used the principle of CIBBAP metal construction. The “U” metal elements, 40 cm wide, are used for both the cladding and the load-bearing structure of the building. The use of CIBBAP, allows a clean and fast implementation and a reduction of the number of interfaces. The result is a building with a very homogeneous appearance that seems to float above the fields. Perforated elements secure the building during closing hours, form a privacy screen from the outside and provide sun protection.