Water Invaders



Temporary installation
Private competition
Client Association Entorse
Size 50 m²

It is an artistic project that tells the story of two worlds of childhood. The water parks and their trampolines and the video game “Space Invaders”, in which highly friendly creatures fight nicely. With its simple but strong graphics, marked by the beginnings of the digital age, the concept of Invaders offered its first icons to the video game. These easily reproducible figures in three-dimensional reality by the clever assembly of the same object of more or less basic form, inspired other creators. The figures are today free of copyright. The desire to realize a low-cost and DIY project gave us the idea to choose objects which are currently sold on the market and to work rather on their implementation. This decision is more of a will than a necessity. Moreover, the monitoring of the project by our team and the direct contact with the manufacturer will preserve the aesthetic and technical qualities of the installation.

The competition team was led by Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira.