Celle St Cloud

2020 – 2023

Transformation of an office building into 69 social housing units and 1.500m² office trays

Complete mission
Immobilière 3F
Size SDP 3.600+1.500 m² / 8.1 M€ht
Legendre General Contractor 

BET LGX Engineering

Renovation Certification NH HABITAT HQE


Located near the Saint Cloud Domain, in a landscape with hillsides, the office building dating from 1987 presents a structural and architectural typology in shifted levels with roofs in large terraces. The program aims to transform the six office trays into 68 housing units and 1,400 squarem² of activity space, 68 to 28 parking plots, as well as respective premises. The functional quality of the dwellings is the focal point of the project. The six existing trays will be slightly modified and redesigned to provide the highest spatial quality for a future housing project. Given the resulting atypical layout, the new plans aim to optimize the surfaces, obvious functionality and multiple orientations depending on the size of each dwelling. By analyzing all the qualitative elements of the existing, we have adopted a conservation and reuse strategy. The building is renewed in its second life, by the preservation of the structure, the facades and the majority of the staircases and lifts.


AZC Architects

Helena Schulte, chef de projet concours, Filippo Cossa, Eugene Bohyra.