2010 – 2014

Sports hall and fencing hall
Complete Mission
Client City of Strasbourg
Size 4.290 m² / 8.5 M€
Engineers Jost / Hagenmüller / Sedime / Cape Avenir
E3 economie / Euro Sound Project
Labels HQE / BBC.

The gymnasium of Neudorf hosts the sports activities of various clubs and associations: fencing, handball, basketball, badminton, gymnastics and drains a varied public of school and adults. The positioning of the sports halls and fencing was imposed by the program, with the fencing hall on the first floor. We confirmed the program by trying to obtain the most efficient built volume. The building has two accesses, the first one, at the forecourt level through the main hall, is intended for all audiences; the second, at the level of the delivery area, is reserved for clubs, schools, sports equipment, maintenance, ambulances.

The competition team was led by Mario Russo with Nicolas Souchko; Elena Melzoba with Alexie Bertrand did the studies; Stefano Lunardi followed the construction.