Bon Secours -


Bon Secours


2011 – 2017

Social and medical residence
Complete mission delivered in two phases
Clients, I3F / NDBS association
Size 14.000 m² / 30 M€
Engineers Igrec / VS-A
Landscape Villes et Paysage
Labels HQE / BBC / Plan Climat City of Paris

Notre-Dame de Bon Secours occupies a plot of 3 hectares at 68, rue des Plantes, in the 14th district in Paris. The site history is a long process that begins in 1875, with the construction of the first pavilions and a chapel. In 1985, demolitions and new constructions broke the initial architectural coherence and made the use of the site difficult. The project aims to reconvert into a functional medical and social center and enhance the site. The two new buildings of the project reflect the typological and technical evolution of the care programs. The first building, completed in 2015, houses a nursing home for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) of 98 places and a nursery of 64 cradles. The second, delivered in 2017 is a specialized house for disabled (FAM).

AZC architects
The competition team was led by Mario Russo with Nicolas Souchko; Elena Melzoba, Magali Courias and Stefano Lunardi did the studies; Alberto Gatti, Célia Horn and Adrien Fournier monitored the construction sites.