Cristallin -




2012 – 2015

Offices renovation
Complete mission
Clients GECINA / Hines
Size 10.544 m² / 22 M€
Engineers Setec / AE75 / T/E/S/S / Impact Acoustic
Labels BBC Effinergie Renovation 2009 / LEED / Shell & Core

Rehabilitation is a recurring topic that better responds to changing human needs. In urban areas, the opportunities for transformation of buildings are numerous, each building can evolve continuously. Mostly subject to land pressure and changes in use, many surfaces require study of their processing capacity. Each architectural rehabilitation project begins with an accurate analysis of the building’s initial constitution and continues with an assessment of the new functional and energy requirements that can make it comfortable and economically profitable.

AZC architects
The competition team was led by Mario Russo with Nicolas Souchko; Magali Courias and Duccio Aiazzi did the studies; Laurie Tiradas and Tanya Klyne monitored the construction.