Bouncing Bridge -


Bouncing Bridge



Temporary Structure
International Competition
3rd prize
Client ArchTriumph
Structural studies Ramon Sastre
Construction TP Architectura I Construccio Textil

Designed to be installed near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, our bridge is made up of three inflatable modules, such as giant buoys of 30m diameter. In the central part of each buoy is stretched a trampoline net. The buoys, made of PVC membrane, are gathered using ropes and form a stable and self-supporting unit. The spatial shape of each module ensures a camber similar to an arch. The length of the bridge is about 94m and the volume of air needed to fill each 3700m³ module. Designed to cross the Seine at this point, our project can nevertheless take larger or smaller dimensions. The three main materials that go into the design of our deck are lightweight: PVC membrane, trampoline net, air. The strings help to secure the set. Our project is ephemeral, autonomous and self-supporting, its environmental impact is minimal. Easy, fun, good for the body and mind, the Trampoline helps to take confidence, to prepare the inner ear, the eyes and the whole body to unusual sensations. Back flips, tendrils, fall-down… all these non-regulatory figures have a delicious taste of freedom.

AZC architects
The competition was conducted by Irina Cristea with Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira.