Terrasse 9 -


Terrasse 9


2013 – 2016

Housing, activities and shops
Design and architectural compliance
Client Bouygues Immobilier
Size 11,476 m² / 22 M€
Engineers Bouygues / Cardonnel / TESS
Labels H & E / HQE / BEPAS – BEPOS

The complex is part of the Seine-Arche development, which concerns a larger area located along the axis of La Défense. The project is located on Terrasse 9, between the RER A tunnel and the A4 motorway tunnel. The dwellings are of various typologies, ranging from T1 to T5, for private owners or for social housing. The new ensemble proposes an architecture that responds to the monumental scale of the site while aiming to express the domestic character of the programs. By its morphology and by the work of details and materials, the project considers the quality of life of the users and the durability of the buildings.

AZC architects
The competition team was led by Mario Russo with François Le Coadic; Carola Livio with Roxane Barruet did the studies; Roland Oberhofer and Cécile Conduche monitored the construction.