2012 – 2015

Offices renovation
Complete Mission
Client Louis Dreyfus Armateurs / Artelia
Size 5.074 m² / 12.5 M€
Engineers Batiserf / Choulet / BMF / VS-A
Labels BBC / Renovation BBC / RT 2012.

The project gives a second life to an office building from the 80s, located along the Seine and acquired by the holding of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, to install the headquarters of Pacemar SAS. The renovation required a careful technical and architectural approach, aiming at a tailored project. We have been asked to highlight, through a new architectural project, the potential of a not too old heritage and to provide sustainable answers to the questions of layout of the workspaces, with a view to technical performance and sustainability. The identity of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs is expressed in the rounded architecture of the facades, which explores transparency as the value of this specific company and the movement of water as a symbol of their vitality.

The competition team was led by Mario Russo and Nicolas Souchko; Elena Melzoba, Magali Courias and Maria Moldoveanu completed the studies; Jeremias Lorch and Laurie Tiradas followed the construction.