2012 – 2018

Business incubator
Complete Mission
Client RIVP
Size 7.650 m² / 16 M€
Engineers Louis Choulet / Batiserf / BMF
Landscape Bassinet Turquin
Label Plan Climat City of Paris

Nominated at the Equerre d’Argent Award 2018
Winner of ADC Awards 2019

Binet is a new generation of businesses incubator, which incorporates a specific quality of life, expressed by the workspace’s generosity and the facades openings. Its architecture reminds of the daylight factories. Terraces, workspaces, qualitative landscaping, views, multiple orientations … in short, an architecture that transforms urban and programmatic constraints into real assets. The facades of the building open on all sides with large regular bays. The entrance is through the lobby overlooking the garden, on the ground floor. The project is one of the priority sites of the Urban Renewal Project, on which the City of Paris has decided to strengthen its action.

The competition team was led by Mario Russo, with Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira; Alba Bui with Clément Dupuy, Gregorio Pettoni and Guillaume Piveteau completed the studies; Stefano Lunardi and Adrien Fournier followed the site work.