2014 – 2016

Offices renovation
Complete Mission
Client SCI Vulpian
Size 800 m² / 1,5 M€ ht
ITF / VS-A / Batiserf / Bassinet Turquin Paysage

15/17 rue Vulpian is intended as a modular and efficient space for a parisian coworking space. A modern office, le 1517 consists of open desks and soft seating on two levels, of a former industrial building. It is designed as an open workspace, comprising about 50 places per level, seven glazed meeting rooms, a lobby – exhibition, an amphitheater for 50 seats, a model workshop with digital printer and CNC laser cutter, and, the best part,  a terrace of 350m²on the top.

Team AZC: Celia Horn, Adrien Fournier, Stefano Lunardi, Thibaut Davanseau