2021 – 2024

Renovation-extension of a business incubator for the needs of the IUT by Cergy Pontoise

Complete mission


SDP size 6 687 m2 / 13,5 M€

SCOPING (engineering)/ LASA (acoustic)/ ANTEA (asbestos removal)/ ALTHING (safety)/ Atelier Roberta (landscape)

Certification : Agenda 21 région IDF/ référentiel E+C-



This project concerns the new construction and the rehabilitation of the existing building, to accommodate three departments of the IUT and the administrative department, already located in Neuville.

Both school, workshop and office building, the building is at a service of students, entrepreneurs, teachers and administrators, around a Fablab and the technological platform. To meet the objectives of the program, the project takes the form of a multifunctional and modular space, dedicated to lectures or in-class courses, to collaborative, creative or production activities. Individual or team working sessions, project presentations and event activities take place in specially designed spaces. Each volume, including that of the amphitheaters, is designed as a place that can be dismantled, changed, upgraded and recycled. The materials and equipment used were chosen for their simplicity, proven robustness, and ease of maintenance.



AZC Architects

Filippo Cossa Majno Di Capriglio, competition chief, Eugene Bohyra.