Îlot MSO


2013 – 2021 

Two Housing buildings
Complete mission
Client RATP Valorisation / Eiffage
Size 7.700 m² / 12.2 M€
Engineers Batiserf / L.Choulet / BMF 
Label RT2012.

It is a complex project that is partly erected on the metro lines. The two apartment blocks also host the entrance halls of the Mairie de Saint Ouen station. The quality of housing, their articulation, were followed closely by the Town Hall. Comfortable access halls, natural light circulations for the collective parts are part of the quality of these homes. All accommodations have an outdoor area, balcony or terrace that opens to the city. The sober architecture underlines the urban character of the project: a base on two levels welcomes metro entrances and shops. The choice of materials, precast concrete and natural stone, meets the demands of the City of Saint Ouen. The regular pattern of openings is part of the idea of ​​a sustainable and timeless buildings.