Ilot Y


2013 – 2016

Building of 70 dwellings
Complete mission
Client ICADE
Size 5.220 m² / 8.62 M€bt
Engineers SNC Lavalin / Socotec
Labels BBC Effinergie / H & E.

A terrace building that opens onto the street Marcel Bontemps with large regular bays and extends on the garden side with generous terraces. In the heart of the urban plot, the successive stepped floors provide maximum of air and natural light to the housing program. Each dwelling incorporates a specific quality of life, expressed by terraces, patios, two-floor height rooms, private gardens, views, multiple orientations. An enameled light-colored brick clads all the concrete facades. The graphic texture of the small elements gives the building a unique identity.

The sketch was conducted by Mario Russo with Amilcar da Rocha Ferreira; Marie Leyh and Valentine Jamet did the studies; Jeremias Lorch and Sophie Paolozzi followed the site.