4 Stations Métro Ligne 14


2012 – 2020

4 new metro stations* on the 14 line
Complete Mission
Client RATP
Size 25.000 m² / 44 M€ht
Engineers BMF / Aartill
Labels Eco-Conception.

*Stations: Pont Cardinet (4000 m²), Porte de Clichy (9000 m²), Clichy St-Ouen (5000 m²), Mairie de St-Ouen (7000 m²).

We started the project when the infrastructure studies were finished, at a decisive moment for the definition of the functional and architectural characteristics of the stations. Seduced by the enormous potential of the spaces generated by the study, we have set architectural objectives that aim to ensure the final quality of the project. Choices were made at all levels to ensure the quality of spaces, opting for the use of a short list of materials and products, but which respect the character and the symbol of the historic metro stations. Functionally viewed, the spaces are organized along the train platforms, which are designed as real “public places”. The idea is to offer people a global vision of the spaces, so that they can easily orient themselves and visualize the access to trains. Passenger inflows and outflows are clearly managed over superimposed mezzanines. The service areas are pushed to the periphery of the civil engineering box and treated as thick walls to free the central part of the largest possible free volumes.

AZC Architects – ARCHITRAM Associate

For the detailed design, AZC team was led by Gwenaël Loubes, with Alba Bui, Beatriz Gago Roncero, Nicolas Berdon, Petr Kalivoda, Radu Ungureanu, Roland Oberhofer; the site work team was led by Jeremias Lorch then Margot Carrier with Daniel Corso, Michele Ciervo, Adrien Fournier, Carol Fanjul, Romain Mathey, Eric Pitalieri, Theophilos Zachos.